Grossmann Forte

The overall principle of the FORTE series is 'light where you need it'. Placed horizontally above a picture or mirror this range will emit a naturally coloured, glare-free illumination over its entire length. 

FORTE is also designed for vertical wall mounting. With its stringent geometric form it can be integrated into almost any architectural context, without dominating the room.

Equipped with highly efficient LED modules, it emits the light over its full length of 494 mm or 936 mm, with a total output of 12.8 or 25.6 watts, a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95, 1360 lm and 2720 lm and a colour temperature of 2700 K (warm white).

This makes it ideal for mirror lighting in the bathroom and for corridor lighting. The chrome plated aluminium profile serves to cool the internal LED.

The FORTE series has been recognised as the Red Dot award winner 2015 for its outstanding product design and essential character.