Grossmann Karat

As the name suggests the GROSSMANN KARAT series takes it’s inspiration from diamonds, with LEDs arranged to replicate the glimmer of a beautifully cut stone. The pentagonal aluminium plates create a mosaic, which results in different shades being cast depending on your perspective.

The range includes two sizes with a diameter of either 45 cm for the small version with five LED modules, or 62 cm for the large version with 10 LED modules. As with the LINDE the KARAT range is bright with a luminous flux from each 6.4w LED of 680 lumens.
Featuring dim to warm technology, upon dimming (using a trailing edge dimmer switch) the luminous colour temperature becomes warmer - at full power the colour temperature is approximately 3000 K and decreases when dimming to around 2000 K.

Similar materials are used from the GROSSMANN LINDE to GROSSMANN KARAT but with more circular contours.