Grossmann Linde

The GROSSMANN LINDE series features elongated outer contours, reminiscent of the organic path formed by rock crystals. In addition to its indirect light component for illuminating the ceiling, its surface sparkles in multifaceted shades. 

Available in three different models with one, three and seven LED modules, in the lengths 32 cm, 58 cm and 100 cm. The largest size, for example, can be used to great effect over kitchen islands to create a different visual to the often seen single pendants. The unusual design also lends itself to hallway or bedroom applications. With a high lumen output of 680 lm per LED module (Up to 7 x 680lm for the largest size ), the GROSSMANN LINDE can be used anywhere that the design allows. Where the luminaires of this series are more suitable for elongated rooms, the models of the GROSSMANN KARAT series, which share a similar design ethos, are ideally placed in more square rooms.